Today's Energy:

Today’s energy supports you focusing on meeting the basic needs in your life. You do so by ensuring that you are eating healthy, that you have enough to eat, that you are caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your mind and body, and that you are residing in a safe place. Unless you are meeting these basic needs you will find it difficult to move forward with manifesting your dreams and aspirations. As you remove the fears that your basic needs are not going to meet, you increase the flow of energy to your root chakra.

Chakra Healing:

When you have fears that your basic needs are not being met or that their existence is threatened, the energy of the root chakra is being blocked. This chakra deals with the very fundamental building blocks of your life – food, shelter, money. Moving through these blockages will enhance the flow of life enhancing energy to the root chakra and subsequently the remaining six chakras. Ways to support this chakra include incorporating more root vegetables into your diet as well as increasing your intake of protein such as peanut butter. If you’ve felt yourself craving these goods that’s your root chakra speaking to you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is going to be a working meditation. The basement area of your residence directly corresponds to your root chakra. If your dwelling lacks a basement, look at the space where you store your belongings, even if it’s in the space of a friend or family member, a garage, or a space rental unit. The basement also corresponds to your past. Take a look at what you’re storing in your basement. Are there remnants from your past? Old clothes that are out of style or don’t fit? Holiday decorations? Are you storing stuff that belongs to other people? Are the items stored in an organized manner that respects the contents or are things thrown around in garbage bags? Take the time to declutter this space, donating what you no longer want or need. Throw away items that are broken or outdated. Carefully organize and store the items that you use seasonally or that hold precious memories. If you resent holding onto the objects of others, ask them to remove their stuff. As you clear your basement or storage space so will you help unblock your root chakra.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I strengthen the roots of my life by focusing on meeting my basic needs in a healthy way.”