Today's Energy:

Creativity is an important component of a well-rounded life. It’s how you make physical ideas or concepts. In its truest state it’s a channel for the universe to work through you. Everything physical begins with an idea, a dream, a concept within the realm of your mind. As you focus on allowing your creativity to come through, you open your connection to the realm of the imagination. Your physical body becomes the vessel through which wisdom can be channeled and constructively created into the world. This is how you become a co-creator with the great universal forces. Discover what wants to come through you today.

Chakra Healing:

Release tension in your sacral chakra. An unblocked sacral chakra supports you in expressing your creative energy. And in doing so, you’ll find yourself engaging in things that bring you joy. Think about something that you love doing and in doing it that it seems like time passes quickly. That is an unblocked sacral chakra bringing to life all of the unique things that you create.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Think about what you like creating. Do you express your creativity through writing, dancing, composing music, cooking, painting, drawing, sculpting, wood working? Through the act of creating you are channeling the creativity of the universe. Now call to mind the space you have set aside in your home that is dedicated to your creative pursuits. Does being in this space stimulate your creative juices? If so, today’s meditation asks you to work on your creativity in your home to make it supportive of your creative interest. The dedicated space in your home in which you create reflects your open and aligned sacral chakra. Even if your living space is too small to support a dedicated creative space, make the area in which you work as supportive as you can. If you work at a kitchen table, put things around you that inspire you as you sit down to create. Put on music that inspires you or if you work better in quiet then ensure that you have silent time in this space. The important thing is to make this space sacred and set an intention that it will support your creativity. You’ll notice the effects this meditation has on unblocking your sacral chakra and unleashing your creativity.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I recognize the importance of creativity and intentionally make a space in my home that supports this.”