Today's Energy:

Today is calling for you to shine! The world needs you and all you have to offer. You might literally feel yourself glowing today. If so, know that there is a radiance surrounding you that is positively affecting those you encounter today. By tapping into this sense of potential, you unlock new doors for you to travel. Your spiritual path is expanding with your sense of optimism.

Chakra Healing:

Focus on your solar plexus today and allow your inner glow to manifest outward. Feel your inherent power and release it into the world. If you bottle it up with self-doubt you’ll continue to play small and block this important chakra. The universe has bestowed wonderful, unique gifts upon you. Allow them to come forth. Don’t squander them – share them.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Go outside today if possible to do this meditation in the open air and hopefully in the sunlight. Allow a smile to come to your face. Feel happy for what is in your life right now. If that’s hard to do, focus on finding one thing, no matter how small. It’s important that you feel gratitude. Feel the inner glow of your solar plexus radiate outward. Allow this yellow light to surround your entire body and energy field. Notice how it pulsates in alignment with your breathing. Now see the edges of this glorious light change into tiny yellow spikes that then morph back into smooth lines. This energy is vibrating. Feel empowered, brave, and protected. Take a breath and notice the light return to your solar plexus. Close this meditation with a mantra that calls to mind your fearlessness.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am powerful!

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