Today's Energy:

There’s a pull to travel in today’s energy. You would be supported in taking a short trip locally or beginning your plans to travel a further distance. Travel opens you up to new scenery, new people, new ways of life. As you travel you expand your view of the world and also assist with unblocking your throat chakra. As you express yourself through your travel desires so as to give voice to your soul. Be imaginative! You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you will be by travel.

Chakra Healing:

Travel greatly supports the opening of your throat chakra. As you express your travel desires and make them manifest you assist in the energy flow through your throat chakra. Your throat chakra supports expansion – and what better way to expand your world than by travel. Have fun with the planning. Be spontaneous with a quick local trip. Ask the universe for assistance in this and you’ll be amazed at what opportunities avail themselves to support you in this endeavor

Mindfulness Meditation:

Sit outside if possible for this meditation. After a few deep breaths close your eyes and see a globe spinning in front of you. As it spins notices the places of interest that call for your attention. Are they foreign locations that you’ve longed to visit? Are there closer areas to where you lived that you’ve always wanted to visit by never making the time or thought you had the funds? Is there a local place you’ve wanted to return to that provides respite for your soul? Sit with these locations as they come in and out of your vision. Then begin to use your voice to speak to these locations. Tell them why they are important to you, what dreams they fulfill, how they inspire you. Engage in a conversation with them. To close this meditation, promise these locations that you will make great effort to visit them. Ask the universe for support for this trip. End this meditation with a few closing deep breaths.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Travel is a valuable way to give voice to my soul.”