Today's Energy:

Are you aware of how you are perceiving the world? Today’s energy encourages you to figure out if you’ve been making choices with a negative outlook or a positive one. Your mindset influences if you succeed or not because it seeks out details that reinforce your perspective. If you are wondering why you’ve not been able to achieve something recently, it is time to reinforce your capabilities through positive affirmations and changing your outlook. You are capable of anything when you truly believe it’s possible.

Chakra Healing:

Clear limiting beliefs through your third eye. This chakra is your inner vision that when aligned and open become a portal to new realities. If you are stuck in doubt, fear, and limited beliefs, you become a prisoner of your own mind. Cleansing this chakra releases energy blockages and brings new opportunities your way.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a seated position and close your eyes. Begin to feel the energy of your third eye chakra becoming activated between your eyebrows. Notice the glowing indigo energy radiating outward. Sense into any limiting beliefs that make it hard for you to achieve your goals. Begin to see this mental energy as a wispy black energy. As you continue with your slow, steady breathing, feel this mental energy being pulled out of your third eye chakra. See it dissipating into the air and being replaced with a bright white light energy that mixes with the indigo energy of your third eye. Spend meditating in this space about how true reality is filled with limitless possibilities. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My vision is clear and I am remaining in a positive state of mind today.”