Today's Energy:

Having good energetic boundaries with others is important. Otherwise, it becomes easy to get confused about what your true values are. Today’s energy asks you to create spiritual boundaries with someone who has been draining your energy. It is okay to lend support to people when they truly need it, but it is not healthy for you to be giving from your spiritual well at the expense of draining your own energy. The best solution is to teach tis person how to fill up their own spiritual cup. Suggest your favorite practices, perhaps meditation or yoga, to guide this person into how they can fill up spiritually.

Chakra Healing:

Align your sacral and crown chakra. When these two chakras are in alignment, you can establish psychic and spiritual protection for yourself. In harmony, these two chakras prevent others from tapping into your spiritual reservoir without your permission. You will also prevent spiritual burnout and fatigue but working with these two chakras.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, and begin to feel the energy of your core. Breathe into your own energetic frequency. Set an intention to call back your energy to you. Feel the energy you’ve scattered through interaction with others all coming back to your energy field. Once you feel whole again, begging to notice energetic cords that are attached to you. Do any feel heavy? Are any weighing you down? If so, using the power of your sacral chakra, establish a boundary. You can envision a barricade being put up, or a stop sign. Continue to do this until the cord feels light once again. When you’re finished, gently open your eyes. You’re successfully established spiritual boundaries.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I create boundaries that are good for my health, I can teach others how to create spiritual wealth.”