Today's Energy:

On this day that is ruled by the powerful goddess, Venus, allow yourself to experience the love that is yours inherently, just by the very fact that you are a child of the earth. Invite the power of love to be part of all that you do today. Understand that self-love is the first step of accepting this universal love as your birthright.

Chakra Healing:

If you have trouble taking a compliment, if you feel unlovable, if you find yourself giving your all to another but do not feel like the love is reciprocated, focus on opening your heart chakra. True love does not deplete you. True love promotes healthy growth, it empowers, it supports creativity. Opening the heart chakra allows self-judgment to dissipate. You are enough.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Focus all of your attention on your heart. Feel it beating inside of you. As you press your fingers into your heart area, send yourself love. You cannot give what you don’t have, meaning, you need to first love yourself before you can receive and accept true love from someone else. Picture in your mind someone who you truly love. Speak to this person with words of love. Notice that they are not harsh judgmental words but words of encouragement. Now notice that this person has been replaced by your own image and repeat these kind and loving things to yourself. You can say them aloud or quietly in your mind. Accept them as true. Receive them into your heart. Feel your heart open to this love. Slowly open your eyes and whisper a few closing words of love to yourself.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am worthy of love. I love myself.