Today's Energy:

Books require you to go beyond the cover and truly invest the time in getting to know them through reading. You can skim pages, but to truly graph the entire plot, you must dedicate time to opening yourself up to the story it tells. The same is true of people. Today’s energy encourages you to make space in your day to connect and listen to someone’s story. This meaningful act of service opens you to new ideas and offers them a chance to be seen and heard by someone who values them. Cherish your relationships that foster an exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge.

Chakra Healing:

Expand your perspectives through heartful conversations by linking your heart and third eye chakra. When these two chakras are activated, you become receptive to the stories others have to share, feeling empathy for their experience and gaining their wisdom by osmosis.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and set the intention to be receptive to someone’s story today. Take three deep breaths and place your attention on your heart chakra. Feel it beginning to radiate glowing green energy. Notice this energy moving upward towards your third eye chakra, illuminated with a swirling purple energy. The compassion in your heart is opening up your third eye to see new perspectives. When you are ready, return to normal consciousness. When you speak with someone today, you can place your hand on your heart to stimulate this connection, assisting you with opening your mind to new ideas.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I make the space to hear other’s stories and gain the wisdom they have to share.”