Today's Energy:

How would you feel if today you were encouraged to stop thinking and start feeling? To try to live today from your intuition instead of reason? To take one risk, no matter how small? Or take one step, again, no matter how seemingly insignificant, to move toward something that you desire? This is the energy of creativity that is controlled by your crown chakra.

Chakra Healing:

Open your crown chakra today by aligning yourself with divine guidance. Throw caution to the wind and accept what is being offered to you today through your dreams and intuition. Accept with love, and not fear, where your intuition is guiding you. Do a gut check of whether things or situations feel right or wrong.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Clear your mind. Visualize a blank slate and write a dream upon this slate in the most vibrant violet ink. Breathe life into the dream. As you exhale, notice the dream moving from the slate through your crown chakra. Know that your dreams and desires are heard and will be answered in the way that is most beneficial for you. See this violet colored dream now moving through the night sky towards the brightest star. Feel the pulsating energy of this star drawing your dream towards it. This bright star, this guiding light is your intuition. See the star lovingly accept this dream and in doing so glow even brighter. Take a deep breath. Slowly open your eyes and know that your dream is being cared for and nurtured.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My dreams and aspirations are important and supported by the universe.