Today's Energy:

Today you are called to learn the healing power of your physical body. Your chakra system and physical body are deeply interconnected. Using the energy practice of Reiki on your chakras can heal your physical body. Likewise, through your hands, you can heal yourself and others through the power of touch. This is because both your hand and feet contain sacred energy points that connect to source energy. By massaging these parts of your body, you can stimulate both your energetic chakra system and also your physical body, since both are interconnected. When you want to cleanse your body, applying pressure to your hands or feet can release blocks and excess energy.

Chakra Healing:

You will be healing all your chakras today through healing touch. Having a practice of regularly cleansing your chakras through massage is extremely beneficial to your health. You may feel called to seek out a professional to help release energy in harder to reach places, such as shoulders and back.

Mindfulness Meditation:

 Pick to focus on either your hands or feet. Begin by softly massaging and becoming aware of the sensations you feel throughout your body when certain points are stimulated. Close your eyes and give yourself over to the sensation. Gently experiment applying subtle pressure to different areas of your hand or foot and noticing if you feel an emotional or spiritual reaction. Sense into how your physical body is intertwined with energy, which can become stored in different locations. Spend as much time as you’d like connecting with sacred points of your hands and feet. Remember you can always release energy in this way.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I heal myself by using the natural energy medicine of my physical body.