Today's Energy:

Light and darkness, brightness and dullness all impact you. Today’s energy encourages you to notice the influence of color on your emotions. The color of your environment has the ability to prime your good, and the colors you’re drawn to wear reflect the energy you are unconsciously choosing to project. By becoming aware of how color plays a role in your energy, you can begin to experiment to see how you relate to each color. Change the light of a room, wear a piece of clothing that’s an unusual color for you, and notice what energy pulls your attention the most. Color is a fun way to learn more about your personal energy system.

Chakra Healing:

Take the time to discover what color engages you the least, and focus on healing the corresponding chakra for that color today. Red reflects root energy, orange reflects sacral energy, yellow reflects solar plexus energy, green reflects heart energy, blue reflects throat energy, purple reflects third eye energy, and indigo reflects crown chakra energy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Reflect on all the colors and determine which color you are most and least connected with. The color you connect with the most is your dominant chakra, and the color you connect with the least is your weaker chakra. Spend the day connecting with the weaker chakra by including that color in your life. You can do this through eating foods that color, wearing clothing or accessories that color, or just doodling with that color on a piece of paper. Hold the intention to strengthen that chakra and observe how your connection to it changes through the day.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Color guides me to learn more about my personal energy.”