Today's Energy:

The energy surrounding you today is directing you toward simplicity. We often think that the Universe is a complicated place, filled with so many things and events that we can barely grasp what’s going on. But the nature of the Universe is far less complex than all that. It is our minds that get in the way of seeing the beautiful unity of All-There-Is. The energy that streams into our being is sourced in the great wholeness, and is only divided up into separate things when we begin to think about it. Feel the energy today as a loving embrace of the Universe, allowing it to share its guidance, wisdom, and peace.

Chakra Healing:

The crown chakra is the focal point where the universal energy of the Cosmos streams into our physical form. When this chakra is blocked by the personalistic feelings of our lives, we cannot see the simplicity that lies in the background. Finding ways to pause for a moment, breathe, and remember that the plurality of life springs from unity will clear the way for the Universe to fill you with its energy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Practice this meditation in the evening, ideally when you are able to see the stars overhead. Slowly walk in a small circle, gathering energy from the Earth. After three cycles, step into the center of your ring and reach your arms up toward the heavens. Take a couple of very long breaths, as you invite both Heaven and Earth to be present around you and within you. Gently lower your arms, feeling as if you are pulling and guiding the energy of the stars down into your body. Touch your hands to the top of your head and visualize the orb of bright white light sitting there, with a stream of energy flowing in. Repeat this motion and allow it to clear your mind until you feel nothing but Heaven and Earth, eventually inviting even these two to become one. In this state, you have reached simplicity. You are nothing separate from the Cosmos, but a continuation of It.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“When I simplify my life, I find only awareness of the One.”