Today's Energy:

When you become too attached to the outcome, you fixate on only one version of reality being what’s best. This is a sign you believe your willpower is more omnipotent than the harmony of the Universe. Learning to release control and live in a state of surrender opens you up to be in flow with natural energy. Today’s energy invites you to release your opinion of how things should go and become receptive to what is. Everything is exactly as it should be. Align with gratitude.

Chakra Healing:

Let go and trust the process of life through your crown chakra. When this chakra is closed down, you do not have faith that life will provide for you. To feel fully supported and guided by higher realms of consciousness, you must open your crown chakra so that it can guide you to expand your perspective.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable position and settle yourself. Gently place your left hand over your heart chakra and your right hand over your throat chakra. Notice the energy pulsing through your hands as these chakras become activated. Begin to see the energy of the heart and throat coming together in the center of your chest. You will feel a warm sensation as these two energies merge. Set the intention to get whatever you need to say off your chest with love. Breathe into this energy until you feel satisfied and then open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I hold wisdom within me and I use it to achieve higher consciousness.”