Today's Energy:

You are powerful, you have purpose, and you deserve to be seen. Remember these things today, as the energy invites you to embrace your confidence and take initiative. It is okay to have your own personal desires. You’ve come a long way in learning how to balance these with what is best for everyone. You do not need to worry about appearing selfish by taking actions you feel are for your highest good. Honor your inner self and the wisdom you are receiving. Follow your own path and have faith in your ability to truly make a change in the world

Chakra Healing:

Engage your solar plexus chakra. When this chakra becomes out of balance, you forget to honor your self-worth. Valuing yourself is an important spiritual quality because it allows you to be a conduit for Universal energy. By denying yourself, you are also shutting out the many talents you have to share with the world. In balance, this chakra allows you to honor yourself and feel worthy of the praise and affection you receive.

Mindfulness Meditation:

The quickest way to activate the solar plexus chakra is through physical exercise. When you are moving, you can feel the fire within lighting you up and flowing through you with persistence. Find a space where you have room to move. Begin by doing three jumping jacks. Notice how the yellow energy in your solar plexus chakra just below the navel begins to be activated. Do 10 more jumping jacks. With each one, feel this ball of energy growing bigger. After 10 jumping jacks, sit down and breathe into your solar plexus chakra. You can finish up when you feel it is fully activated.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“ I do what is for my highest good, I infuse my sacral chakra to do all I know I could.”