Today's Energy:

Success and ambition are in the forefront today. Use the power of today’s energy to focus on how you earn your living. Do a check of your inner compass. Is it aligned with who you truly are? Are you succeeding wildly or just getting by? Know that when you align your real life’s work with how you earn a living you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams in so many ways.

Chakra Healing:

Focus on your root chakra and have an inner dialogue about your relationship with money. Is it a healthy relationship or do you tend to come from a place of fear or lack? Open the root chakra to get to the root of your issues around money. Unblock this chakra to clear away any negative relationship that you have with finances.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Bring a journal and pen to this meditation. Sit quietly and ground your root chakra. Feel your feet becoming part of the earth. Ground and stabilize yourself. Feel the power of the earth move into the root chakra and allow the flow of this life force to move into the root chakra. Ask yourself why you don’t feel safe with money? Ask why you are afraid of being destitute if you follow your life’s passion. Ask if you feel you need a “serious” job in order to be successful? Finally, ask this chakra to open to the possibilities of financial abundance, without needing to explain how. Ask for assistance in aligning your purpose and passion with the financial abundance of the universe. When you feel ready, open your eyes. Journal any responses to your questions that came up through this meditation. Write freely without judgement. At a later day go back and read them and revisit the questions.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Money flows freely into my life when I allow my creativity to come to the forefront of what I do in this world. When I align my life’s work with one of service, finances expand.

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