Today's Energy:

Today is a good day to work on your physical health, namely your digestive system. Clearing your solar plexus chakra will assist in your effort to have a healthy gut. Take a look at what you’re physically ingesting. Literally do an internal check of how you are nourishing yourself. As you scan your body, notice if you are holding tension in any areas. For further information about your current energetic state, you can research the corresponding body part filled with energy and its spiritual significance.

Chakra Healing:

When you have a blocked or underactive solar plexus chakra you will feel physically drained and unmotivated. As you work on this chakra, surround yourself with the color yellow. Wear a yellow article of clothing. Get outside in the sunshine. Burning sandalwood or musk also helps with this clearing. Eat yellow-colored foods. As you do so you’ll begin to feel more energized and confident – and healthy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Do this meditation outside in the sunshine if you feel comfortable. Begin the meditation by closing your eyes and picturing a bright, yellow sun in the sky. Feel the warmth of its rays as they enter your body right about your naval, in your solar plexus area. Allow this light to move around, warming the area. Recall what you have been physically eating. Are you eating healthy, preparing your food in a mindful manner? Or are you grabbing unhealthy things quickly on the fly? As you look at your food choices, make a silent promise to yourself to slow down your eating, actually taking the time to enjoy the food. Offer gratitude to the plants or animals who provided this food, to the truck drivers who got the food to the market, to the market workers who worked in the grocery store. Close this meditation by picturing a healthy gut area that supports you in all that you do. When the time feels right, see the sun’s rays leave your body and return to their place in the sky and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Healthy eating supports me in my efforts to live a more aware life.”