Today's Energy:

Emotions do not make you weak. When it comes to your energetic well-being, emotions are how you process and release pent up energy. As the energy in motion flows through you, you are stimulating the energetic centers in your body to engage with the world around you in a way that is authentic to you. You can be both sensitive and strong at the same time. Today’s energy encourages you to become more aware of your emotional patterns. Open to allow the energy to move through you freely and be released.

Chakra Healing:

Accept all your feelings. Everyone has their default emotional patterns: crying. Laughing, becoming angry. Your dominant emotional trait can inform you of which chakra you use to process your energy through. Learning this can help you nourish that chakra when you become emotional in a way that is healthy and optimal for you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation will be on-going because it involves developing self-awareness about how you use your energy. Notice your emotional reactions through the day. What makes you sad? Happy? Frustrated? Where do you express these emotions from in your body? Do you feel different chakras being activated by different emotions? As you focus your attention on the expression of your emotions, you gain clarity and insight about your personal energy that help you to live life to the fullest.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My emotions are energy being moved through me and I embrace the guidance they offer me.”