Today's Energy:

Energy of the Day: You are being called to step into the day with an air of fearlessness. Put on a brave face, even if you are not feeling strong and confident. Stride into the day with a feeling of confidence and self-worth. You are stronger than you think and are armed and protected from your detractors by universal love.

Chakra Healing:

Focus on your solar plexus chakra to enhance self-confidence. When this chakra is blocked fear and anxiety overwhelm you. Notice if you have feelings of insecurity over one issue in particular or overwhelming feelings of insecurity. This chakra check will take the temperature of how block the chakra is. Be honest with yourself and use this as a starting point for unblocking this chakra. You can’t hide from your true feelings so be honest in your self-assessment.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Hold your hands over your solar plexus. Feel a yellow ball of energy emerge from this area. Allow it to move around, picking up all of the doubts, fears, anxieties. Give it time to gather up everything that is negative and holds you back, a psychic clean sweep. Notice the yellow ball of energy dull a bit from this negativity. As you watch the swirling energy then discard the negativity that It gathered up notice how its yellow color brightens and vibrates in intensity. When you are ready, close the meditation asking for peace. Take the time to journal what you find out about yourself as you do this check.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am loved and protected. Always.