Today's Energy:

Take a pause today from your worries. It’s just as important to rest your mind as it is to rest your body. We know that we rest our bodies with sleep, but is your mind overly active as you sleep? Your mind will run in a million directions unless you take steps to corral it. Part of self-care is to pay attention to your thoughts – your worries and fears, your self-talk, the meaning you attribute to the words or actions of others. Restore and recharge yourself today.

Chakra Healing:

When you feel that your basic needs are threatened you are most likely experiencing the effects of a blocked root chakra. Just as the earth nourishes the roots of plants and trees, so too does your root chakra nourish you and also the other chakras. It’s important to balance this chakra so that you will feel safe in the world. When you feel safe and secure you will feel empowered to take on challenges, to express your creativity.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation is best done while walking, preferably shoeless in nature so that your feet can connect with the earth. As you walk feel how supportive the earth is – be it a lawn, forest floor, riverbank, or seaside. Allow the earth to willingly absorb any negative thoughts that you are having about yourself or another. Totally release them and refuse to allow them to reenter your body. Take your worries and allow them to flow down from your mind, through your legs, and into your feet. Feel your feet channel these worries into the earth. Hear the comments or judgements that others have made about you. Similarly, allow them to flow downward into your feet and then into the earth. Notice that you are moving forward, physically and also spiritually. Repeat to yourself that what others think about you, what they’ve done to you speak more about them then it does about you. Refuse to believe anything about yourself that is negative. You are a divine spiritual being, unconditionally loved by the Universe. To close this meditation, thank the earth for absorbing this negativity. Tell yourself that you love yourself and forgive yourself for any mistakes you regret. Open your eyes and smile.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I am gentle towards myself and accept the unconditional love from the Universe.”