Today's Energy:

Today you are being called back to school. The air is filled with new ways and opportunities to learn and grow. Are you feeling the pull to finally enroll in that class, to learn that skill, to engage in learning? The energy of the day supports any creative, educational endeavors that you begin. Have fun, express yourself, expand your horizons!

Chakra Healing:

Unblock your sacral chakra to unleash your creativity. A blockage of this chakra leaves you feeling uninspired and unimaginative. Opening the sacral chakra will unleash your imagination and propel you forward into a new way of being, one in which you can actively create a new way of living. In order to help this chakra remain open, consider buying an orange colored stone and keeping it in your pocket.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and see yourself enveloped in an orange circle of light. Feel the playfulness of this light; it’s here to engage your creative self. Feel it playfully change shapes as it moves in close to you on one side while expanding outward on the other side. Now feel the color slowly dissolving into a stream of orange water and entering into your body just below your naval. Notice the rush of this energy as it awakens the sacral chakra. Dip your toes into this healing water and as you look into this stream or orange water picture what you want to learn, what you want to create. Feel what you are being called to “dip your toes” into through learning. Allow yourself to be playful as you explore ways to express your creativity. Pull your energy into this chakra and close with a prayer asking for guidance and support.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

The first step in manifesting is to create the dream. I am a creative being.