Today's Energy:

The energy of today is streamlined and focused. Minimize distractions by putting up mental barriers that aid you in staying on track. Words and writing are particularly emphasized, and your speech will feel direct and clear when engaging with others. This energy helps you to add a bit of discipline to your life. You may feel called to put a boundary in place with someone who has been affecting your energetic well-being. Use the strength of the day to assert yourself. Get back to your needs and priorities and release what is only drawing your attention away from these pursuits.

Chakra Healing:

Clear away energetic debris using your throat chakra. This chakra allows you to use your words to speak your feelings, communicate what you need, and assert your boundaries. Using your words, expression, and voice can keep your energy system clean.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a place where you feel comfortable expressing yourself out loud. Begin by making any noises that you feel called to make (laugh, sing, shout) in order to activate your throat chakra. Then, say out loud three things you’ve been holding onto for other people. By acknowledging that you are keeping this information built up in your throat, you can liberate the energy and release it to be restored to its rightful holder. After you stated three things out loud, verbally say the following, “I release energy in my throat and choose to use my voice to communicate for the highest good.” Finish this meditation by putting a hand on your throat and sending gratitude. Use your words wisely today.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I use my words to create the space I need to thrive.”