Today's Energy:

Confidence in your choice of how to direct your energy out into the world is the key. It’s your gut feeling that tells you how to manifest today. Confidence is just another name for self-acceptance. Accept the unwavering path of today’s energy because this energy emerges from your very core. Accepting this fact will allow you to overcome any obstacle rising up to block your way. Today’s energy calls you to call on your strength within and have the courage to boldly face what comes your way.

Chakra Healing:

Step into your true power through your solar plexus. This chakra ignites your full potential when it is activated. You have the ability to rise up with confidence and become the leader of your life. Create a path that is true to you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand up in a comfortable position. Engage your solar plexus chakra located right above the navel. Feel the enthusiasm of this chakra flowing through you as it surrounds you in bright yellow light. Extend your arms up. Let this motivating energy infuse you with purpose, confidence, and direction. Move however your body is feeling called to do so.  This is your core power energy expressing itself through you. Embrace what it feels like to find this inner strength. When you are energized, begin your day. This energy will give you momentum all day long.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I step into my core power that motivates me to find my inner strength.”

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