Today's Energy:

The time is ready for you to experience abundance in all forms – wealth, love, healthy situations. Abundance flows freely into your life when your crown chakra is open. The universe does not view abundance as a pie with a finite amount of pieces. Universal abundance is unlimited and available to everyone. Someone else’s receiving of abundance does  not diminish your chances of receiving.

Chakra Healing:

Trust is an important part of accepting what is meant to come into your life for your growth, for your highest good. Trust is based on faith that the universe always operates from a place of love. An open crown chakra supports receiving abundance from the universe. It is your conduit for communication with divine love and abundance.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Sit in a quiet room and open your arms as wide as you can. Make sure that your palms are open as well,  and facing upward. Take a few deep breaths. Now raise your hands above your head and gently place them on its crown. Move your fingers in a circular motion, mimicking the opening of the crown chakra. Imagine yourself slowly opening your crown chakra. Peel away the layers of negative thought, of fear, that closed this area. Allow a feeling of love to emanate from your fingertips and assist in the opening. When you feel ready, raise your eyes above and ask for what you want to fill your life in abundance.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

When I ask, I open myself to the abundance of the universe.