Today's Energy:

All work and no play makes for a pretty unhappy life. Today is calling you to be playful. Put aside to-do lists. Create a to-be happy list. What will you do today to bring joy into your life? To lift up your energy? Cast aside any thoughts that bring you down. You owe it to yourself – and to your self-care to lift your spirit. If you feel so moved, ask someone to join you in your focus on joy today.

Chakra Healing:

When your sacral chakra is blocked you will most likely feel bored or uncreative or every generally lethargic. As you focus on opening this chakra you will begin to feel more uplifted, curious, and yes, even more self-confident. To further help with this unblocking, consider bringing more orange into your life including eating orange-colored foods and seeds.

Mindfulness Meditation:

It’s preferable to do this meditation outdoors on what is hopefully a sunny day. You’re also encouraged to do this meditation early in the day to set the day in motion for having guilt-free fun. Place your hands on your belly area just below your naval. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and as you do you imagine yourself breathing in the color orange. Smell the scent of an orange as you inhale again. Exhale slowly. Give your imagination permission to wander without the restraints of your mind. Think of where your greatest joy comes from. What are you doing when you experience your greatest joy? Where are you physically when you are doing it? Feel how light your spirit feels when you allow joy to enter your life. Take some time to linger with this feeling. When the time feels right, open your eyes and plan the day to include doing something that creates joy for you.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I deserve to feel in my life and work to create it.”