Today's Energy:

Death can be quite a taboo subject. Many people avoid talking about the grief and depression that happen when death is encountered. Today’s energy encourages you to view death in a new light: transformation. Throughout your life, you’ve had to go through many deaths of who you were in order to become who you knew you could be. Each time, you’ve been renewed and reborn to a more authentic version of yourself. This energy may be wanting to move through your life right now, but you’re blocking it out of fear. Find the courage to let this transformation happen so that you can evolve to the new stage in your life’s journey.

Chakra Healing:

Replenish the energy in your root chakra. This chakra connects you to the physical world and anchors you to your body. By shedding the energy that is no longer needed for you in the present moment, you open space for fresh energy to move through you and rejuvenate your life.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Sit down in an area where you will have space to move (it’s best if you can do this outside to connect with the Earth). Bring your knees to your chest, and wrap your arms around them. Gently, begin to roll backwards until you are lying down. Begin to notice the connection between the red energy at the base of your spine and the ground beneath you. Imagine there are roots coming out of your root chakra that go down into the dirt of the ground. Feel yourself nourished by the Earth, which allows trees to grow tall and plants to sustain all types of insects and animals in nature. Remember your inherent connection to the natural world and balance of the universe, the cycle of life and death being the foundation of it all. Reflect on where in your life you’re ready to release something and let that energy flow into the ground. When you feel nourished, pull the energy of your root chakra back into the base of your spine. Stand up and do a few stretches to get moving again.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“ I embrace the transformation that moves me from one stage to the next.”