Today's Energy:

To truly ascend beyond negative patterns, you must make an energetic change. The emotional energy of today will offer an opportunity to break free of self-sabotaging patterns. These patterns may feel emotionally comfortable, but they are ultimately not for your highest good. To move into the next evolution of your spiritual path, you must shift your consciousness beyond these limiting patterns. Do the inner work needed to truly eradicate these habits today and you will notice immediate results.

Chakra Healing:

Free your spirit through your soul star chakra. Connecting with this energy allows for you to transform patterns through spiritual connection. Opening up to the energy of your soul star chakra facilitates a fresh start. You will be drawn towards pursuits that build you up, rather than destructive tendencies that keep you stuck.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Envision a glowing golden ball of energy about a foot above your head. This is the sacred star soul chakra. Connect with it and begin to see geometric patterns forming in your mind’s eye. Sacred geometry is the communication for the star soul’s energy. After a few moments, begin to envision yourself in a pyramid with the top of it connected to the star soul chakra. Meditate here for as long as you feel called. You can offer limiting beliefs and patterns to the energy to the star soul chakra, which allows the energy to be released and transmuted into something new.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I release old habits for new patterns to form in my life.”