Today's Energy:

You may be feeling more sensitive to the moods and emotions of others, or feel more vulnerable yourself. Although it can be quite difficult to handle the emotional energy swirling around you, remember that energy in all its vibrations is a manifestation of love. Think, act, breathe with compassion. Recoiling from, or even embracing, this riot of emotions too forcefully may damage the delicate web of energy, creating a barrier. Simply allow this energy to move freely and go where it must for great healing.

Chakra Healing:

Open your heart chakra to emotional healing. When your heart chakra is engaged, you are filled with compassion, inspiration, and love. The tides of emotions from the sacral chakra can be transformed into the higher vibration of love through the heart. When you are caught in feelings, return to your heart center for clarity.

Mindfulness Meditation:

 Place your hands on your heart. Take a deep inhale and feel a soft white light filling you up. On the exhale, notice the brilliant green energy of your heart becoming activated. This is a sacred heart breath. During the day, when things become emotionally chaotic, you can always return to this breath. When you do a sacred heart breath, all the emotions that are surrounding you become transmuted to the healing vibration of love. Fear, which creates barriers, is released. Do this meditation technique as often as is needed today.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I use my breathing to create love and generate healing.”