Today's Energy:

This day is filled with limitless possibilities and opportunities open to you. Be in a place where you feel ready to step into the new without fear or hesitation. Allow nothing to hold you back as you step forward into a healthier, happier life – one in true alignment with your true self and your calling. Give yourself permission to make decisions from a place of love and trust, not fear and anxiety.

Chakra Healing:

Focus on opening your third eye chakra when you feel unable to make a decision. Bringing more purple into your life through the foods you eat, the scents that fill your home (like lavender), or even by wearing more purple colored clothes will support this unblocking.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Picture a large purple stone such as an amethyst in the center of your forehead. Allow it to settle into this space, letting its tiny strands of purple light expand outward until your entire forehead is filled with this network of pulsing purple light. Feel the purple stone spin, gently opening up your third eye. As this eye opens, allow it to see into your soul, into the choices that stand before you. Ask this powerful energetic light to assist you in making decisions from a place of trust not fear, from a place of alignment with your soul’s purpose and not from a small, closed in perspective. When you feel ready, remove this purple stone from your forehead and place it in your pocket, to keep close at hand when needed. Open your eyes and take a deep breath.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

When my third eye is open I can clearly see my unlimited potential.