Today's Energy:

You’re faced with many choices in the course of a day, some small like what to eat for breakfast and some larger, like whether or not to end a relationship. Through all your decision making it’s important to put your own needs in the forefront. Choose from a place of high self-esteem, doing what’s in the best interest of your highest good. Use this self-love as a means to rewire your decision-making capabilities for when you do so, you will choose wisely.

Chakra Healing:

Open your heart chakra to activate self-love. A block or under-stimulated heart chakra will cause you to have feelings of unworthiness. Feel empowered to put your needs first when making decisions. Trust that the universe is guiding you and that your heart chakra will provide a knowingness of what is moving you toward a life where you and your needs are in the forefront.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Try to do this meditation outside in the open air. Find a comfortable place to sit; it might be on the ground, on a chair, or even on a park bench. Feel free to keep your eyes open for this practice if you are in a public space but don’t let your surroundings distract you. Place your right hand over your heart area. Take a cleansing breath and ask your heart a pressing question for which you need to make a decision. Allow the answer to come forward. It might not come immediately. It might come in an unconventional manner such as a song you hear, or something you hear offhandedly in a conversation. Allow your hand to fall to your side. Send a green light of love to your heart area. Listen and look for the answer. When it’s received check in with your heart chakra to confirm your decision.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I choose to make decisions that reflect my self-love.”