Today's Energy:

You are so special and unique. While you are connected to all of humanity, the essence of your heart is completely reflective of only you. True love happens when you have the courage to honor everything that makes you who you are: strengths, weaknesses, fears, and gifts. You have an integral role to play in the cosmic ecosystem, and today’s energy is calling you to shine brightly. This allows others to know you, love you, and learn from you. You do not have to dim your light for others. Be proud of who you are and share the love you feel with those around you.

Chakra Healing:

Embrace your radiance through your heart chakra. Connecting to others through this chakra opens you up to receiving true love. There is no need to judge yourself or feel the need to put on a false persona to gain affection. When you live with an open heart, you have the courage to be vulnerable and cherished for who you truly are.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is going to be focused on self-love and reflection. Get a piece of paper and a pen. If possible, play some uplifting music and light a candle. Tune into your heart chakra. Begin to write on your piece of paper a love note to yourself. Talk about all the things you’re proud of and appreciate about who you are. Find your style of writing and let this message to yourself come from the heart. When you are finished, hang the letter somewhere that you will see it regularly. It’s always there for you to read when you need to remember just how much love you have to share.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I have much love to share, and I offer it to myself as a form of self-care.”