Today's Energy:

Today is filled with a rush of things to do, to wrap up, to clean up. Tie up any loose ends before moving on to another project or activity. Doing so will allow you to move unencumbered into a new adventure. When we leave a bunch of things unfinished, our will is drawn in too many directions, stretching us thin and depleting our energy. For today, force yourself to work through one task at a time rather than bouncing between different activities. Focusing your energy in one direction at a time allows you to channel it with greater strength and efficiency.

Chakra Healing:

Move the energy in your solar plexus chakra in order to motivate yourself to complete activities and move into the new. Feel that fire in your belly and get moving! Clear away what is no longer needed without hesitation. Know that this is necessary to open up your life for the new.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Visualize placing your “to do” items into a list and imagine that list gently flowing into your belly area, the area above your naval. Picture a pair of butter-colored yellow hands graciously accepting this list and placing it into a more vibrant colored yellow fire in your mid-section as you watch it slowly burn away. Envision yourself effortlessly moving through this list, feeling loved and supported as you do so. In no time, these tasks will all be resolved and your path will be cleared for the next adventure. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

As I clean up my list of uncompleted items, I clear the energy for new activities and adventures.