Today's Energy:

Mind, body, and spirit work together in an integral way. Each informs the other of your current state. A disruption in your flow of energy can give you physical, emotional, and mental signs that something is amiss. Optimal health and wellbeing comes from uniting mind, body, and spirit so that you are unified and whole in your personhood. By consciously aligning these three key aspects of your chakra system, you will be able to bring health, prosperity, and wellness into your life today. Take the time to notice how you’re doing on each level and tune up the area you feel needs a bit of rejuvenation.

Chakra Healing:

Cleanse all your chakras to bring in new energy. Your chakras can hold energy and if it is not cleared out, it will manifest into physical or emotional imbalance. Your health begins with your energy system.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Take a comfortable, seated position and close your eyes. Take three deep inhales and exhales. Begin to notice the sensation of your root chakra at the base of your spine. Breathe into this space. Feel the energy moving upward to your sacral chakra just below your naval. Breathe into this space. Now the energy moves towards your solar plexus chakra, just above the navel. Breathe into this space. The energy continues to move upward to your heart centre. Breathe into this space. Now, the energy moves to your throat chakra. Breathe into this space. You feel the tingle of your third eye becoming activated as the energy reaches here. Breathe into this space. At the very top, you feel the energy move through your crown chakra and flow upward. Breathe into this space. You’ve now cleansed and aligned your entire chakra system.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I am unified in body, spirit, and mind, which allows me to thrive.”