Today's Energy:

The energy of the day greatly supports clearing what is blocking your vision. What are you having trouble seeing past? What is clouding your vision? Are you refusing to see what is right in front of you because it might cause you to need to re-evaluate situations or relationships? Are you turning a blind eye to anything because you don’t know how to move forward? As you work on clearing blockages around your third eye chakra things will become easier to deal and consequently deal with.

Chakra Healing:

Your third eye chakra is the seat of your intuition. It has an ability to “see” your life from a bird’s eye view – about the fray and the weeds. It “sees” your highest good, your purpose, your true gifts – and acts without judgement on your life’s choices. It keeps pulling you into the light via your intuition, your inner knowing.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation will be an active meditation, one you do with eyes wide open – which is apropos for working with your third eye chakra blockages. The windows in your living space correlate to your third eye chakra. Today would be a great day to work on cleaning those windows to mimic clearing what is blocking your third eye chakra. When your windows are dirty they block a clear view of what is outside. As you clean the windows notice how the view changes. Notice how much accumulated dirt blocked your view. As you do this mindful exercise, know that you are clearing your third eye chakra, and so begin the process of clearing old behaviors and patterns that block you. You are also beginning to awaken your psychic abilities as you invite the light in.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I open myself up to the guidance of the universe just by cleaning my windows.”