Today's Energy:

In order to embrace the new, you must clear out the old. Today’s energy is one of discernment that will help you to tidy up – physically and energetically. Cleaning out your space does wonders for rejuvenating your energy system. Your physical space impacts the energy of your mood. If things feel cramped, your perspective constricts; if things are dirty, your energy becomes disheartened and stale. It’s time to get back on track and go through your storage. Enjoy the feeling of discarding what’s no longer needed in your life.

Chakra Healing:

Cleanse your entire chakra system. When stagnant energy builds up, you begin to feel out of sync, tired, and low-energy. Since the physical world is linked to your spiritual aura, you can change the energy of your chakra system by taking care of your environment.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Look around your home, room by room, and notice where energy has become stagnant. Perhaps you need to dust, sweep, or wipe up. You may even feel called to change the layout of a room or current decorations. Use your intuition to tell you what needs to be done and how the room wants to look. This physical exercise will help to clear out stagnant energy in your chakra system as well. As you discard, scrub, and shift, feel the energy being released from your aura. You will emerge feeling tidy and refreshed. This physical act cleanses your chakra system, just the same as meditation, because you’ve intentionally put your awareness into sprucing up your environment for energetic health.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I tidy up my physical space to cleanse my aura and invite in fresh energy.”