Today's Energy:

Today’s energy supports connection – whether it’s with friends, family, the animal world, or Nature herself. This feeling of interconnectedness will foster a sense of community. When we feel like an integral part of a community, we also feel the bountiful support of all its members. Regardless of what communities you choose to connect with, know that they are all rooting for you.

Chakra Healing:

The sacral chakra focuses on intimacy. When blocked, you feel disassociated with the world around you. Opening this chakra enhances a feeling of connectedness. Resist throwing up barriers of judgment between yourself and the rest of the world, as this will slow the movement of energy between yourself and other beings to a trickle.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Focus on the area of your body just below your naval. Envision yourself stepping into an inviting scene – be it a forest or city street or a warm and cozy room. Notice someone or something (it could be an animal or something from nature like a plant, tree, the ocean, or a river) beckoning you to join them. Slowly walk over and put your hand out in a gesture of friendship. Feel your hand met with a feeling of warmth and love. As you connect with this beautiful companion, feel the orange energy of your sacral chakra light up and form a bridge of light between you. As both parties feed into this energy, your connection deepens and the boundless energy of living in harmony is available to you both.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Communing with the world around me opens me up in a positive way to the larger world of which I am an integral part.