Today's Energy:

Taste is in the wind today. The food that nourishes our body comes in a myriad of flavours. Taste also describes our aesthetic sense, but can easily become a decadent cultural trapping. When you sense something beautiful, express how it makes you feel: don’t let the taste of others dictate your appreciation of the world. Savour your food with every bite and every sip, for sometimes you may not always have such delicious nourishment. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity: today is about delighting in the wonder of taste rather than feeling full and satiated.

Chakra Healing:

While the root chakra governs our most basic needs and survival, it also allows us to tap into the pure pleasures of the physical world. Aesthetic taste is also a quality that is shared and spoken between people, so channelling your desires through the throat chakra will help connect it with the root chakra. This allows you to express what it is you find most beautiful in the world.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a small snack: maybe it’s something you’ve been craving or just the first thing you see in your pantry. Whatever the case, it should be small. Sit somewhere away from distractions of daily life: a park bench, a sandy beach, or a nice solid stone. Close your eyes and breathe in the scent of your food. Smell is an important part of taste, so use your nose to focus your senses on the little morsel. Nibble your food and allow the flavours to flood your awareness. Do not name them, just allow the sensations to dance through your mind-body-spirit. Send gratitude to the Earth and those who helped produce this tasty treat. When you’ve fully consumed the snack, thank the food for its wonderful mix of flavours. As you continue your day, bring that focus you had on the snack to everything in your experiential field. You may just find that everything has become more beautiful.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I revel in my sense of taste, which helps me tune in to the world’s beauty without haste.