Today's Energy:

Don’t get stuck in the weeds today. Remember that you are a divine spirit inhabiting a beautiful human body. The more you direct your attention to the small things, the more you give importance to the mundane, the more you close off your crown chakra. Take a look at the big picture of your life. See all your past relationships and interactions co-exist with your present circumstances as pieces in a puzzle. When viewed alone each puzzle piece cannot possibly give you a feeling of what the completed puzzle will look like. As much as we like to attribute supreme importance to things, realize them for what they are, part of your life.

Chakra Healing:

Your crown chakra assists you in seeing your life as more than a sum total of its parts. It helps you to connect with something larger than you but something of which you are an integral part, namely the universe. When you constrict your thinking, when you shut off your intuition, when you focus too much on the earthly, the mundane, at the expense of your spirit, your crown chakra becomes blocked. Open this chakra to open up to the loving wisdom of the universe.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and picture a bird looking for food on a lawn in front of you. Notice how it hops around, stops, eats, and moves on. See the bird fly up to the branches in a tree in front of you. See the wind begin to blow and notice that the bird remains firmly on the branch. Now see the bird take flight. Become one with the bird on its flight. Soar up above the houses, above the treeline. Notice what you see below – rooftops, tree tops, a winding river. Glide higher up with the bird until what is below you is no longer seen in such detail. The river now looks like a blue ribbon, the roofs can no longer be seen. See how far into the distance you can see as you fly higher and higher. Your soul sees your life’s big picture. It sees all that is in front of you and guides you intuitively. Feel as if your crown chakra has now extended a beacon of light called intuition that your soul will use to communicate with you. Feel your crown chakra open as all the energy blockages dissipate. Rejoin the bird as is flying back toward the ground. When you and the bird have landed, open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“As I take a bird’s eye view of my life I soar above the mundane and meet connection with the divine.”