Today's Energy:

There is a storm in the winds today. The energy may feel chaotic and make you want to seek shelter, but storms also carry a force of renewal and invigoration. Allow this energy to shake loose all the dead leaves and small branches that have been clogging up your life. The storm makes room for new growth, clearing away what is old and providing the cool nourishing rain to spur the activity of creation. This is a day for you to test yourself against blustering periods in your life: to look up at the sky streaked with lightning in awe and gratitude. Feel the inherent joy rather than destruction of the storm as it swirls around you.

Chakra Healing:

The sacral chakra often contains a wellspring of creative energy that clamors for release. When life feels more chaotic than you might like, draw the energy of that storm into this chakra. This will reignite your creativity and get your energy moving again.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Even if there is no literal storm today, find an area where you can feel the chaos of today’s energy. It might be a windy cliffside, a bustling square downtown, or even a messy room in your home. Move around this space, tapping into the flow of the scene. Move with the energy here rather than trying to resist the irregular patterns. Be mindful of your breath and channel it into the bottom of your belly. As you dance with this energy, feel it converging in your sacral chakra, the orange disc of light that is now spinning with the ecstatic storm energy of the day. When you feel like you’ve absorbed enough, find a place of stillness where you can allow the life-force that you’ve gained to settle in and infuse you for the next part of your journey.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“ I choose to stand with the storm, using its energy to bolster my energy so I can create things beyond the norm.”