Today's Energy:

Find a steady pace. There is no need to rush things or push yourself beyond your limits. This will only lead you to burn out. Today’s energy invites you to trust the organic timing and move at a pace that suits your energy level. Universal divine timing is always at work. Schedules and timelines are just projections of the ego trying to maintain control. By trusting the rhythm of your personal energy, you are surrendering to the Universe in faith. You will receive the best results when progression happens naturally.

Chakra Healing:

Trust the energy of your solar plexus. This chakra balances action with rest. It controls your willpower and assertiveness. The key is to balance it with the natural flow of energy. This way you are taking action that is aligned with the energy of the task you’re working on. When you heal this chakra, you learn how to set proper energetic boundaries that allow you to move at an optimal pace.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Your meditation today will be to focus on your solar plexus as you go about your day. At certain points, check in with the energy point just above your navel. Allow this area to guide you from task to task. Find what it feels like when you’re in a state of flow. Notice what your solar plexus does when you are over-exerting yourself. By attuning to the rhythm of this chakra, you will take action that is supported by the energy around you.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My willpower is in sync with the rhythm of the Universe.”