Today's Energy:

Notice today what is trying to pull away from you or maybe what you are no longer interested in holding onto. Release is the word of the day. Accept that in order to grow you must first prune. Resist holding onto what no longer feels alive for you. Feel confident in knowing that when you let something or someone go, you are opening up room for something or someone who will be better for you and your growth.

Chakra Healing:

Unblocking the root chakra will help you release what is no longer serving you in a healthy way. Opening up the power of this chakra will re-connect you to powerful grounding energy. Begin to live in the belief that when you let go you will never be without.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Picture yourself sitting against a wide, sturdy tree. Place your back against its bark, feeling the texture of the surface. Allow yourself to settle into its strength, knowing that you are being supported. Notice its large roots on the surface next to its trunk. See that these surface roots actually reach down way below the ground, anchoring the tree – and also you. Look above you at the branches holding the last remnants of the tree’s leaves. Just a few are left, turning vibrant colors of orange and red. Notice one leaf letting go and gracefully falling to the earth, carried there by a soft breeze. See the pile of leaves at the trunk that this new leaf joins. Take a deep breath and imagine this tree again in spring, new life sprouting from its branches. Join this tree in its cyclical pattern of releasing in order to make way for the new that it will come. When you are ready, take a deep breath and thank the tree for its lesson.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Release is a natural part of life.