Today's Energy:

There’s power in the air today: a tangible electricity that connects your energy to the world around you. While energy is always power in some sense, today’s energy manifests as something very tangible, almost physical. Power is neither inherently good nor bad: these are judgements about the use of power, not power itself. The Universe is telling you that you have the potential for making great change, but you should not be frivolous or selfish with such power. Use this strength wisely, and apply it where you’d like to stimulate growth.

Chakra Healing:

Our power of creation flows from the sacral chakra. This energy is raw and untamed, so it must be channelled and guided by the intentions of our higher Self. Check your destructive impulses today, whether they are directed towards internally or externally, giving them free reign is not a good course today.

Mindfulness Meditation:

The focus and channelling of your power starts with the breath. Find somewhere open and outdoors to give yourself space to let your energy flow freely in any direction. Breathe deeply into your belly and hold after your inhale. Imagine an electric current that starts rotating your sacral chakra as you keep your breath inside. The orange glow amps up each time you do this, turning the wheel into a furnace that will power all your thoughts and deeds for the day. When you feel the fire burning inside of you, sprint in any direction. It doesn’t have to be for long: just long enough that you feel the heat of your power move from the belly to the farthest edges of your body. Come to stillness again and let your breathing level out. Now you are ready to take that power and channel it into the world.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I aim for growth fueled by my inner power, and with it anything I wish to create will flower.”