Today's Energy:

It’s important to make sure that in your rush to help others that you ensure that your own basic needs are met. This will increase your sense of security and well-being. It will lay the foundation for your dreams, desires, and yes, even current actions, in a stabilizing manner. Unless you care for yourself first in a very meaningful way you will not have the energy and stamina to pursue your life’s interests and care for others. Your basic needs are the fuel that your life runs on.

Chakra Healing:

When your root chakra is block or under-performing, you will feel ungrounded. You will be unfocused, uninspired and uncreative. Your feet are a grounding part of your body. As such, it’s important that you care for them. Wear proper fitting shoes, take a load off your fee when they’re tired. And yes, book an appointment for a pedicure so that your feet can be pampered. Think of it as a tune-up for your feet on which you keep going all day long.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Tree pose in yoga is a great pose to unblock your root chakra. Wear comfortable clothing and do this practice in a quiet room. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t master this pose right away. Laugh as you wobble – and as you probably will. Plant both feet on the floor, evenly distributing your weight. Imagine yourself as a tree with your roots extending from your feet into the floor. Now as you keep your right leg straight (have a little bend in this knee) slowly lift your left leg up until you are able to place your left foot on the inside of your right thigh. Try to maintain your balance. If you “fall,” being again. Once you feel stable, focus your attention on an object in front of you, holding the gaze for five full breaths. Slowly slide your leg back to a standing position and begin the same practice using your right foot. When you have completed this meditation, place both feet firmly on the floor and end the practice.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I stand firm in the center of my own life.”