Today's Energy:

The heart is a tricky place to energetically be attuned with. It is where you generate expansive, unconditional love, but it is also where you hide your past hurts, fears, and doubts about being open with others. You will be feeling this vulnerability during the first half of the day, which may make your ruminate on times you put your heart on the line and it didn’t work out. However, by this evening, you will have remembered your courageous spirit and the resilience you have to overcome any defeat and turn it into a valuable lesson. As you navigate this journey through the heart, the past is gently released while the future opens up widely for your love to gently blossom.

Chakra Healing:

The heart chakra is essential to optimal spiritual health because it balances the lower and upper chakras. Healing the heart chakra allows you to give and receive love without fear. When you are in an energetic space of love flowing through you, you also activate the heart chakra of those around you. These heart connections uplift the entire world, healing both the physical and spiritual plane.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Do three deep inhales and exhales to clear your mind. Start by feeling a firm connection to the ground beneath your feet. Then establish a connection between your crown chakra and the higher spiritual realms. As you inhale, draw the energy of the Earth up through your body to the heart center. As you exhale, feel the energy of the Earth merging with your heart chakra. On the next inhale, draw the energy of the spiritual realm down through your upper body into your heart center. As you exhale, feel the energy of spirit joining the energy of Earth in your heart chakra. Meditate and breathe here, noticing how you are balancing all aspects of yourself while radiating love from your core. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My heart chakra keeps me aligned, it is important for me to share love and be kind.”