Today's Energy:

Today is a good day for acknowledging something or someone that you are grateful for. Give thanks. Something truly big might come to mind, like a trusted friend. If you’re having trouble finding something, focus on gratitude for how your body moves through this world, or having a roof over your head even though it might not be your dream pad, having fresh running water – the list is really endless. Appreciation of what you have is an important part of opening up to other things you want. When you are grateful for what you have right now you will begin to feel true abundance.

Chakra Healing:

Give voice to your feelings of gratitude. By opening your throat chakra to open yourself to prosperity in all forms. Speak what you keep bottled up inside. Allow your words and feelings to be heard even if you have no audience for in doing so you’ve combined them with the power and energy of the universe.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand up and move your body around. Loosen up your shoulders, allow your arms to move from side to side. You have a few choices in this meditation. You can pick a song that reflects gratitude in general or mentions something for which you are grateful and sing it out loud and strong, moving around as you do so. Or, close your eyes and picture who or what you are grateful for and chant the name of what you are grateful for, repeating it until you can feel this gratitude settle into your bones. When you feel ready, bring your body to a slow stop – and bring a smile to your face.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Thank you for everything that has come into my life.