Today's Energy:

Your imagination is powerful. Today’s energy calls you to use your creative imagination to visualize the route to success. If you are facing a limitation, remember it is only a matter of perspective. The only thing that holds you back is believing there is nothing you can do to change the circumstances. Your reality can shift as you open the door to your imagination and allow it to show you an out of the ordinary path. Do not give into the temptation of accepting the matter of fact mindset; continue to challenge what is possible. You are boundless when you let imagination be your guide.

Chakra Healing:

Cleanse your third eye. This chakra when opened and aligned is your portal to possibility. This chakra mediates between your perceived world and the realm of spirit. Spirit guides you through images, which when followed create the energy paradigms for your consciousness to evolve.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and focus on the in and out of your breathing. Imagine there is an amethyst crystal seated between your two eyebrows. As you continue breathing slowly and with intention, you feel a radiant purple energy forming around your amethyst. See this energy growing and notice its ability to make you feel calm and at ease. Spend two minutes allowing this energy to purify your mind and enhance your intuitive vision. When you feel complete, notice how the purple light goes back into the crystal. Softly open your eyes and know you can always cleanse your third eye using this technique.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My imagination guides me to higher levels of consciousness and limitless possibility.