Today's Energy:

Give voice to your creativity today. Give the world a glimpse of who you are at your core. Stop using your small, inside voice. Use your outside voice to shout from the rooftops that you are such a unique human being, endowed with gifts that are yours and yours alone to bring to life. Find at least one way to create today. Journal, dance, bake, cook draw, write, plant – anything that brings forth your creativity. That’s how you leave your mark on your own soul and on the world.

Chakra Healing:

When your throat chakra is blocked your creativity is stifled. You communicate through creating. When this chakra is underactive your doubt your ability to create or you feel totally uninspired. Give voice to your passions. Open up the flow of energy to your throat chakra to unleash your creative spirit.

Mindfulness Meditation:

To do this meditation you will need to be familiar with Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, A Starry Night. Focus on your throat chakra. See the painting A Starry Night in your mind. Notice a vibrant blue-colored energy swirling in the area of your throat chakra. See it flow out of your throat chakra and join with the blue-colored sky of the painting. Feel your throat chakra energy swirl and move with the blue paint of this image. Feel your creative spirit begin to move uninhibited. Now picture what you want to create in your life. Give energy to it. Is it a new place to live? A change in a relationship? A job that is more aligned with your interests and passions? Do you want to write poetry? Compose music? Photograph? Bake the most delicious cake? Feel your unlimited creative potential expand as the energy of your throat chakra spins in alignment with the universe. When you feel ready, pull this energy back into your throat chakra. Feel inspiration bubble up. Open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My creative side brings my passions to life.”