Today's Energy:

Today is a good day to focus on the present moment because that is really all that you have. The past is gone, and it’s only brought to life by your focus on it. The future is just a projection not reality. By focusing on the present, you use the energy of your chakras to support you in living a life aligned with your higher self. Living in the past and future, whether mentally or emotionally, only draws energy away from you. Losing this vital energy can lead to stagnation in life. Come back to the present moment and draw your energy inward to find your center.

Chakra Healing:

Focus today on living in the moment. You’ll activate all of your chakras when you live in the here and now. For instance, when you eat today focus on the food – the color, the taste, the texture. Don’t hurriedly shove it in your mouth as you read or worse yet drive. When someone is speaking to you, focus on what they are saying, not what you want to say in response. Listen. The present is important; it’s the only thing you have.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Focus today on living in the moment. This will be a real challenge. Don’t think about what even happened an hour ago or what you need to do an hour from now. Focus on this present moment. Notice how uncomfortable your mind is with this exercise. It’s probably jumping all around. This is called your monkey mind. Send your monkey mind off to a corner. Settle into your body. Take deep breaths and release everything – the need to do, the urge to think and plan, even the desire to feel. Just breathe. Now focus on each of your seven chakras, beginning with the root chakra. As you focus on these areas it helps to actually place your hands on the chakra that you’re focusing on.  See the fire red energy swirling. Focus now on your sacral chakra and the orange glow of the energy. Move your attention to your solar plexus chakra and feel that yellow fire in your belly. Move your focus up to your heart chakra, experiencing the love emanating from this green colored energy. Focus now on your throat chakra and feel a cooling blue energy gently envelop your neck area. Move your attention now to your third eye chakra, gently touching the area between your eyes on your forehead feeling the indigo color of the energy. Focus now on your crown chakra. Place your hands on the top of your head feeling the pulsing of your crown of purple colored energy. Take a closing breath and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I live in the current moment with my focus fully present.”