Today's Energy:

Keep your feet on the ground as much as possible today: if they are directly touching the Earth, all the better. When we are firmly connected to ground, we are able to discern the best ways of providing for our practical needs. Although it is necessary to connect with the ethereal, divine energy of the Cosmos, it is just as important to draw energy from the Earth. Our physical aspect requires as much energetic attention as the mental and spiritual, and it is a good time to give extra attention to this part of our being. Time with our feet firmly planted allows the wandering mind to take a break and revel in the sensation of being alive. This grounding energy refreshes us so that we have a solid base from which to continue our spiritual journey into the future.

Chakra Healing:

Get out in the natural world, away from all the corners and hard edges of the human domain. Feel the curves of Nature and the way her energy expresses itself: not by taking the most direct path, but by enjoying movement in every direction. As with any natural process, what is old needs to be discarded and recycled to create space for what is new. The root chakra does this same thing for our own energy, allowing negative emotions to drain away so that our energetic body is free and clear of blockages. When you’re in touch with the natural world, it becomes much easier to let go of everything that is no longer serving you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Whether you sit, stand, walk, run, or skip, today is a day to surround yourself in the beauty of the natural world. Close your eyes, even while you’re moving if you’re brave enough. Allow the sounds, smells, and touch of Nature to caress you and envelop you in a protective cocoon. Here you are safe to let whatever troublesome emotions you have come to the surface. Use your breath to help dredge up whatever prevents you from being firmly rooted in the physical world. Don’t judge these feelings as they arise, as they are part of you. Your inhale brings these feelings to the surface, and your exhale allows them to melt into the Earth.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I ground my energy in the bosom of the Earth, I let go of what’s unneeded so the journey of my spirit can be filled with mirth.