Today's Energy:

The feel of today’s energy is dispersion. Energy moves in many spheres simultaneously, in patterns both large and small. In connecting with your energetic body, you feel the energy of the Universe mirrored in yourself. Cosmic energy enters your physical form through your crown chakra and then disperses to the other energy centers of your body, renewing the chakras with divine love. The way energy is dispersed throughout your being from the crown chakra is exactly the same as how energy is dispersed from divine Source to all that is.

Chakra Healing:

To allow the easy dispersion of energy within the microcosm that is yourself, your personality, ego, mental image of who you are must recede. Feeling the way we as individuals mirror the energy of the Cosmos is a step on the path to freeing the energy to move with abundance. Be mindful of how your self attempts to block the dispersion of energy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

 Ease into a traditional meditation posture: legs crossed with palms turned upward, resting gently upon the knees. Each breath is a conduit of the Universe’s energetic love dispersed into your mind-body-spirit. With each inhale, feel the energy build at the point just above your head: the brilliant white light of your crown chakra. As your breath leaves, you feel the sensation of energy flooding down in streams. Six rivers nourish your other chakras, and each river splits into uncountable smaller channels expanding throughout your entire being. As your breath cycles continue, the energy of the entire Cosmos is running through you, holistically rejuvenating every facet of your mind-body-spirit. Slowly work your way out of your seated position to make sure you are grounded before departing on the rest of today’s journey.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I disperse my energy from crown to root, and know that the Universe follows suit.