Today's Energy:

Today you’ll be struck by the density of the energy that you’ll encounter. Your interactions will seem to be wrapped in layers, have many shades of meaning, or may just be unclear. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Be patient and allow the manifold meanings to unfold at their own pace. Trying to cut directly to the heart of the matter may not be the ideal way of using your speech and action today. This is a time when we are confronted by the opacity of the Great Mystery and must acknowledge that the truth of our situation isn’t always easy to discern.

Chakra Healing:

The heart chakra is key today. It lies in the middle of our energetic body, and is thus the most deeply enwrapped of our energy centres. Your heart is the place where all of the energies of your being can mix, or be teased apart. Opening your heart chakra will allow you to sift through the many layers of today’s energy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a space in which to move around where you won’t be restricted by straight lines. Dancing, spinning, or walking in irregular patterns will allow you to understand the flow of today’s energy with your body rather than your mind. If you are feeling brave, you can even close your eyes while you move. If there is a particular event from the day that left you feeling stuck or entangled, use your movement to wind your way through the knots. With every breath, you’re able to loosen the dense coils of this conundrum bit by bit. Don’t stop when you feel like you’ve finally got it: there are more layers than you might realise. Keep up your free-flowing movement until you feel peace spread from your heart-centre to the furthest reaches of your mind-body-spirit.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I feel my way through the Mystery and its many layers, knowing that the whole play is unfolding and I am one of its players.”